FFB's Diary

MAY 9 2017:
Today I asked myself in my mind..."When the fuck are you going to grow the fuck up?" then I answered back in my mind..."Fuck you. Fuck'n never. Heh-heh-heh."

MAY 3 2017:

It's pretty crazy to know that the older I've become, the less I care about pretty much everything and everyone. Crazy and very, very sad.

APRIL 28 2017:

Not much really happened today. Only thing that really happened was that I lost another day of my life. That's pretty damn wild.

APRIL 25 2017:

I find myself thinking where I am going to end up and what will become of my life within the next 5 years. 5 years ago I would never have thought I would be where I am now. These next 5 years are going to be life-changing years for me. Maybe I will finally chop off my penis and flip it inside out so I can have that vagina I have always been wanting.

APRIL 24, 2017:
This past weekend I did a lot of thinking about life. It's crazy how we work so hard all week and then the weekend comes around and you use all of your hard earn money on food, some drinks, maybe go watch a movie, maybe go do a little shopping, then the weekend is over and you go to work and repeat again. Wow...that's life in a nutshell I guess.

APRIL 21, 2017:

Notes to self: never get married, never buy a house, never post and hashtag a #TBT pic.

APRIL 20, 2017:

Do you ever get that weirdass feeling of what the fuck you're doing here on this planet existing? Like you can see stuff and smell stuff and hear stuff and feel stuff and interact with other people and animals and your environment and fall in love and appreciate art and hate on shit all while you're wearing a Nike t-shirt and drinking a Starbucks coffee. What a fucking strange, strange, STRANGE feeling.

APRIL 19, 2017:

Today I got a hugeass headache at about 2:30pm. I've been getting these recurring headaches every week now for about 2 months. They really fucking suck and I'm beginning to wonder if it's from me not eating candy anymore or if it's because I have a mutant ability that I haven't figured out yet. Y'know, like an X-man. All I know is I gotta figure this shit the fuck out. Anyways, guess I'll jerkoff now and go the fuck to sleep. G'nite world.

APRIL 18, 2017:
Today fucking sucked because I ate a bean and cheese burrito for lunch and when I got back from lunch I had to go to a meeting so I was all gassy and shit during the meeting and needed to fart real fucking bad but I was stuck in the meeting then when the meeting was over I went to the bathroom expecting to rip a giantass fart but instead it was just like a little tinyass toot. wtf?